AirBnB experience in Midtown area

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I'd like to know if any of the other investors out there mind sharing their experiences with short term rentals in the KC area, specifically in Midtown near Hyde Park/Westport. The market data seems very strong but it would be great to get some first hand accounts of how things have been the past year, trends, etc. 

Thank you very much in advance! 

@Brian Caldwell I know this isnt of any help but my wife and I are thinking about doing the same in the Market right around the Sprint Center. We are both originally from that are (KC). Definitely would be interested in comparing notes and see your thoughts on everything.


@Jeremy Woods thanks for the reply. Lets keep in touch. We're about to close on a place in 2 weeks and have about a 2 month build out. Ill keep you posted as we get closer. We plan on trying out one of the units on AirBnb. 

@Brian Caldwell @Jeremy Woods

I've been looking at exactly this same thing for about six months in the same area. My plan is to move to KC part-time and Air BnB when I'm not using the rental personally. I would be interested in what kind of results you get. 

Ok will do Matt. Renovations are under way next week and once we get some data back once it’s in service, I’ll let you guys know. 

I have rehabbed two in the midtown area. One near 39th and main. It consistently rents for 350/night I believe. sleeps 9 people. I could probably answer some things

Thanks for the info @Dallas Kidd, that’s solid. Ours will be a large 1 bedroom that’s sleeps 4 near 40th and Harrison. A little closer to troost than yours but it looks like things west of troost in midtown have done well. 

Just curious what your slow times and peak times are and if you have any first hand experience with 1/2 BR units?

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