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Hello everyone, 

I am looking for an investor friendly realtor.  When my husband and I bought our personal residence we worked with a phenominal realtor.  Unfortunately, she just didn't get it when we started talking with her about investment/income properties.  So I thought I'd reach out and ask if you all have any recommendations.  We are looking to pick up at least one property in the next 90 days.  Your recommendations are greatly appreciated.   

Hi Brenda

I'm looking for same :)  

Question for the Forum followers ... what do you expect from an Investor Realtor and do you expect to pay fees if they close a deal for you as a "buyers agent" ? If you do pay them a fee what do you expect in return ?

thanks in advance ! 

I'm also a realtor in the Kansas City metro, serving both KS & MO.  Our brokerage has a lot of experience with property management, investment properties, etc.  Let me know if you'd like to talk. 

Chris Nelson

Westport Plaza Realty

@Brenda J. Hey I would love to help, I am an investor agent and own a property management company.  Myself and my staff and team of agents can help you on building your portfolio.  Let me know when you have a chance to chat!