Recommendations on kitchen & bath updates

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I'm looking at updating/improving the kitchen and bathroom on a small house in Waldo to prepare it to become a rental property.  Any advice on how much to invest in those updates?  How much is too much?  What materials would you recommend/not recommend?

If it's a small house in a low rent neighborhood put lipstick on a pig.  Have the tiles, tub, and sinks reglazed instead of replacing them.  By nice, but cheap, faucets from Home Depot or Lowes.  If you're paying for the water, install low-flow toilets, shower-heads, and aerators.  And my all-time favorite for the kitchen, if the cabinet boxes are good, have them painted (make sure to seal the paint with a good dewaxed shellac or polyurethane) and fit new door and drawer hardware for buck or two apiece.  DO NOT install a garbage disposal or dishwasher because you'll become your tenants' new BFF!  Here's a fine exactly of pained kitchen cabinets:

Welcome to BP Chad! Is this your first rental? What type of flooring do you have down now? I recently went with a trafficmaster peel and stick in a kitchen/half bath in a duplex at 79th/stateline. It looks alright and was much easier than the tile my wife and I just laid in our primary kitchen. We also used a bonded primer and outdoor flooring paint to paint the existing tiles in our bathroom to a dark grey from 70's pink tile. That might work but it needs multiple coats and plenty of curing time between coats and before using or else it will chip right off the second it's used heavily.


David, thanks your recommendations! Cameron, thank you. Yes, this will be our first rental. We are aiming to learning how to think about home improvements and updating, not as a homeowner, but as an investor looking to rent this home and soon hire a Property Manager. We have peel and stick linoleum in the bathroom and wood tiles in the kitchen. Bathroom has a plastic shower wall insert. Are there any options to revitalize that other than replacing it?I will look into reglazing the tub as David said. Everything is dated.