South Kansas City Tax increase

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I've recently gotten back assessed values/tax increases on my properties. The actual "assessed values, I paid for" of my SFR's are greater than the market values I got back on the tax forms. Is anyone challenging these, or am I wasting my time/just bite the bullet. There's always a potential for increase in taxes if they feel the houses are worth more. Input is valued!!!!

John, I am a bit confused by your statement.  It seems that you are saying you paid MORE than they are presently valued. If that is the case, let the value ride and don't do anything. 

If, though, the county's values are too high for your properties (IE more than you paid) - you can still challenge by filing an appeal with the Board of Equalization by July 8.

Appeal form is on their website - search Jackson County Board of Equalization.


I had substantial tax assessor increases in all Jackson County properties that I own.  Three went higher than what I paid for them in early 2017, so I submitted the 'informal review' request on those, and left the others alone which were still appraised less than, although much closer to, current market value.