Looking for info working w/ Section 8 KCMO and surrounding areas

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Hey I'm looking for any property managers, investors, or really anyone who has done anything with section 8 around KCMO. I have a bunch of questions that I want to ask someone... Way too many for a forum post... I would want to hire you- pay you for your time for a phone call so that I could pick your brain. Say hi on here, PM me, or please recommend anyone you know who might know anything about section 8! I'm sure it varies a bunch based on location and I'm not too location specific at this point. More KCMO and Raytown than Independence but I'm not picky :) Say hi! 

I am not sure specifically for KC but I think its pretty much the same everywhere. there is a guy on Youtube named Mike Mclean who has alot of videos on section 8 and also has a series of books called "The Section 8 Bible". What I know is its as simple as contacting the housing authority, getting an inspection, finding a tenant and signing the lease with the tenant and a separate contract with the housing authority. You have one month to fix any problems found by the inspector and they inspect anually. Hope this helps!