Long Island, NY Real Estate Investment MeetUp

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Anyone here on BP have experience with or going to The Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Industry Resource MeetUp in Westbury?

Hello please include me in your meet-up group   

Lisa East Meadow 

@Timothy Ryan , wondering if you went and if you have a suggestion/recommendation for a REI meeting on LI.

Hi Guys.  If you are interested in Multifamily investing, rhe meetings in westbury are definately worth it.  Roy, what type of RE investing are you interested in?  There are several meetings each month at different locations and different topics.  

@Timothy Ryan The Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Industry Resource MeetUp in Westbury is a great group! I have been going since they started and personally know the guys running the meetup and I can't say enough about it. If you have any questions let me know I would gladly help.

@Roy So what type of properties are you trying to target?

@John Cohen , @Michael Anspach

Thank you guys for the reply.

Initially I was planning to immediately get into fix and flip, but the more I read/listen I realize I'm more interested in long term buy and hold (single and multifamily).  

I realize I might have to look into upstate and other states but am worried if being an absentee landlord is a more advanced move...

 I will check out the Westbury meetup and hopefully any other ones if you have suggestions.

Thanks again.


@Roy So I will be at the meetup this thursday, maybe after the event if you are around we can grab a coffee and talk a little more

Thanks @John Cohen , I just saw there was a meeting this Thursday, unfortunately I have a prior obligation, I hope to catch you at the next meeting.

Hello, my name is Debrah Sarria, and I would love to attend the meet up this coming Thursday,  please include me in your group, thank you!!!

Good afternoon John,

I would love to attend tomorrow's meeting in Long Island. Could you please provide more information?



Thank you for your help.


Debrah Sarria

@John Cohen

hi,  i am not on this BP board often, please let me know about the next RE mtg coming up.

Thank you

The Multifamily & Commercial Real Estate Industry Resource MeetUp in Westbury


@John Cohen , my name is Andrew Ceris and Im also interested in the meetup group. I would love the information to tommorrows meetup. Theres definetely much to learn and I would love to be a part of the group

There is no meeting tomorrow, I don't know why that came up. I am shooting for the end of April for a meet up.

@John Cohen

Good afternoon, I'm new to the BP forums. I would appreciate it if you could add me to the Westbury MeetUp as well. I'd love to be a part of the group.

Thank you,

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