Where can I find REI meetings in NYC?

3 Replies | New York City, New York

I'm looking for one that meets in Manhattan. The ones I found are on Meetup and seem to be selling courses or classes. I used to belong to a REI in Tampa and I walked away charged with contacts. The ones I am going to now are basically sit and learn and buy my course meetings. Any info on this appreciated. Would love to meet other BP members in the city! Thanks!

Have you checked meetups.com? If there aren't any than go ahead and create one. :) We just did here in Oslo, Norway -- there weren't any, so we created one. Currently met investors that have changed my life because of it

Hi Mary Ann. I just joined a Real Estate Networking Event that is happening on Aug. 24th through meetup.com.

Look them up. It looks like it may be interesting.

It's called NYC's 15th Real Estate Investor Networking Party @ WeWork Penn Station.


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