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Hello BP,

I am new to REI and I have been reading, listening to podcasts, and researching every chance I get for the past two months in preparation for this post. I do not expect to establish this relationship without contributing to it. I am currently deployed to Afghanistan but whatever I can do from here, I am willing to do it.



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This post has been removed.

Hello @Sterling White . Thank you for reading my post. I will begin attending them once I return home around May 2017.

What has been your experience with the REIAs in your area?

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@Moshik Regev Thank you for your support. I won't be investing locally due to the cost of NYC real estate, but I will definitely keep in touch.

@Shawn Ackerman Thanks for the invitation! I have joined an REI Meetup group and will look to attend at least one meeting a week starting out when I get home. I am willing to do work, I believe relationships should benefit both parties and I would be very appreciative of anyone willing to put time in with me.

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