Top Golf Charlotte Real Estate Meetup - Anyone Interested?

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Hi All!

I currently host a formal meetup in Charlotte, NC once a month, but I am considering hosting another more casual meetup at Top Golf in Charlotte, NC.

Before I move forward with any planning on this, I wanted to poll the BP local Charlotte forum to see how many may be interested.

Let me know.

ToP Golf business model Is Genius.. I will be in Charlotte Oct 11th if you have one then I would come over and hit a bucket of balls and meet folks it will be fun.. going to Charleston next day ..

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Sounds like we have a good team already. The max per bay is 6 but we could do at least 12 in a dual bay. 

I will work on getting a date picked and the reservations confirmed. 

Does a Friday or Saturday night work for everyone?

Let me know!

I am in the same boat as Melissa, weekdays are better but could make it work. Also, having tried to get a couple bays next to each other on the weekend (tried being the operative word) we may have better success with scheduling during a weekday. 

Thanks again for taking the lead on this Dan!  

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I am currently working with Top Golf Charlotte to schedule this event next Monday, Aug 27th from 7pm to be sure to add to your calendar. Once I have everything finalized with the venue then I will post a meetup link to confirm your attendance. Stay tuned...