Travel nurse niche in Concord/Kannapolis?

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Hi, is anyone working in the travel nurse space in Cabarrus county?  If so, I'd love to connect and talk about what you're seeing in terms of year-round sustainability, nurse preferences, and other general startup questions.  I'm in one of the biggest travel nurse Facebook groups and have been collecting information that way.  I'm looking specifically at a rent-by-the-room model to account for high purchase prices and the upfront cost of furnishing the space.  Thanks and looking forward to connecting!

Hi @Matthew Collver  

First I would like to clarify that I am no expert in the travel nursing field, I'm in lending, but this might be helpful. I've done some research and have a friend who is in this space and this is what I can provide you with. It’s important to know who actually rents out travel nurse housing. Sometimes, the agency rents the housing. Other times, the travel nurse rents the property. Typically, this choice is left to the travel nurse.

Overall, this is what travel nurses typically look for in housing:

  1. Provide lease terms of 3 months or less
  2. Month-to-month lease terms are highly desirable
  3. Furnish your property
  4. Provide utilities, cable and WIFI. Roll the cost into the price.
  5. Price your property inline with normal market values.

Also, this website, hands down, provides the best information on travel nurses 

Length of Stay

Travel nursing contracts typically last 13 weeks. Contracts can be both longer or shorter than 13 weeks. However, only a small percentage are over 13 weeks. Therefore, if you must lease your property for longer than that, then travel nursing is not the right market for you.

Contract Cancellations

Additionally, hospitals can cancel travel nursing contracts for any number of reasons. Moreover, travel nurses are away from home so they may come across any number of reasons to cancel a contract early. This is simply the nature of remote contract work.


The property should always be furnished down to the "forks" I like to say.

Utilities, Cable and WIFI

Travel nurses strongly prefer properties that provide utilities, cable and WIFI. Setting this up for them would be a hedache


Travel nurses typically avoid properties that charge high premium prices for short-term stays but, you can certainly factor in the cost of furniture, utilities, cable and WIFI. Travel nurses expect to pay extra for those services.

Hope this was helpful!

Hey Matthew, 

I am just west of you in Huntersville and am hoping to start house hacking by the room as well. My husband and I are closing on a new build townhouse this week and hope to have a travel nurse renting the space by June/July. What Facebook group are you a part of? Is it the Travel Nurse Housing-Furnished Finder page? I would love to connect/exchange information as well!