Issues working with Columbia Gas

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After a 4 month long full rehab project, my contractor asked me to get the gas turned on at my duplex in Southern Orchards for more tolerable working conditions as the seasons change, and to complete the project.  I called Columbia gas in October, and found out my gas lines have been disconnected since 2011 while the property was sitting vacant.  After scheduling for a consultant to come out to assess the reinstall they asked us if we want the line connected to the right or left side of the house (since there are meters and gas lines on each side of the duplex for each unit.) 

I learned their new policy is to only have one gas line per parcel, but their field leaders can make a determination to leave them as is (one line per unit).  Its been 3 full weeks of calling everyday and emailing the customer service reps, but they are finding it impossible to get an answer from any of their field leaders. Has anyone had a similar issue with Columbia Gas and a multifamily property? Any recommendations?

I recently called them about getting a new service line brought across the road to a house I’m renovating(never had gas). They told me they won’t get to me til spring. I may be looking for other options.