Deck Repair Apartment Building Cleveland OH

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I own a 24-unit 4-story apartment building in Cleveland.  There are decks with stairs attached to the back of the building for use by tenants.  Some of the decking is in need of repair.  Are there companies in the Cleveland area that specialize in repair work for multi-story decks/stairs?  Or is this work that can be handled by any deck repair company?  Thanks for replies.

Regarding your Cleveland specific question, I'd google that one if I were you.

If I had a similar problem here, I'd reach out to one of the building contractors I know. As I see it, that's a job any credible builder/contractor could handle. They may require the rental of some special equipment to get it done, but it certainly seems doable. 

If you don't have any contractors that you've worked with, just pick one from the google search and give them a call. Meet her out there, and discuss the problem and potential fixes. When you phone, say you're looking for an estimate on a repair, and you'd like top meet at the site to discuss. You'll definitely learn a ton, and it'll likely be a free education!

This can be taken on by any GC. You would just need to coordinate and let tenants know that there will be on going work and access to their balconies will be limited. It's going to be more of a coordination task between tenants and contractor. Let me know if you need more assistance

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