Property Management in Cleveland, OH

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Hello folks. Any recommendations for a good property management companies in or around Cleveland, OH? As well as real estate agents who are familiar dealing with investors? Highly appreciate it.

I use KW Greater Cleveland Southwest and they are the best I’ve experienced in the last 3-4 years. I live in Missouri and have houses in Cleveland, Columbus, and Tennessee. In Columbus I am on my 3rd property manager. Point being, I’ve been through the struggles of remote management, and KW is pretty much the best I’ve seen.

Some benefits

- being able to get someone to talk to you (this is surprisingly hard with most)

- monthly appfolio P&L for each door

- thorough and timely updates on house or tenant issues

Fee structure is typical, first month rent for tenant placement fee + 10% of monthly rents. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

@Matt Bowler thank you so much!! I will be going to OH next month in August to check out the area. Do you know real estate agents you can recommend who are familiar working with investors? I would highly appreciate it. 

Hello Rose, 

Are you exploring the are for commercial multi family (apartment units) residential multifamily or single unit? I am also exploring this area and would like to exchange notes/recommendations.