(in search of) Cincinnati Real Estate Agent

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Hey Guys and Ladies ! Good Evening to all! was just curious to see if I can get some help on here trying to get in contact with a real estate agent out in Cincinnati to try and understand the market and see If they can help us out with a few things. Im just reaching out to see if anybody has any good recommendations on agent I can get in contact with; or if your an agent yourself and would like to be friendly and help me and my wife out. It would be highly appreciated!

Hi Gabriel

I'm a RE agent in Cincinnati and invest in certain areas too. Send me a message if I can help you in this market.



My realtor is 

Angela Fischer of Lohmiller Real Estate

She is good.  

This post has been removed.

We are in CA and we use Tim Roberts at Comey & Shepherd, he is amazing and always goes above and beyond for us!

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