Neighborhoods for Rental properties in Cincinnati Oh

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I'm an Israeli investor and also raise money from clients.

I have an exprience in rental properties in Milwuakee and for the last 5 years i used to work in Barcelona, spain.

I want to expand my portfolio and looking for a new market.

 Cincinnati Oh got my attention, so I was wondering which neighborhoods are fit for me.

I look for ROI of 8% and don't want to buy in a high crime rate area.

What do you think are my best options?

If you are a local investor I would be happy to hear from you, maybe we can work together.


@Itay Itschakyan You can use the crime map on Trulia but it is a relative thing just like traffic. Effective has a different tolerance or definition. For instance, my sister lives in Detroit and she thinks our news stories are so “quaint” here. “We have buildings on fire in Detroit, I am sure, but they never make the news.”

The market is hot everywhere and deals are harder to find so be patient.

Following along this thread too. I've heard from other investors, if you're looking for lower crime. Google map where the WholeFoods grocery stores are in the area and you can target around those business locations. 

Looks like Hyde Park and Kenwood may fit that bill. 

Just moved back to Cincinnati to rehab a 3 unit. I would say everything in Cincinnati is growing in value at a high rate. The more you get into the suburbs, the less growth appreciation so I would stay in the city. If it was me, I would look at the hip areas where the youth is moving to, they have the highest rate of growth. With that comes a lot of crime reduction, but not totally crime free. Nothing bad, just some car break in type of stuff. Here are the areas I would pick:

1. Incline District of Price Hill
2. Northside (the closer to Northside Tavern the better)
3. Oakley (nice area but might already be too expensive) 
4. The West End near the new soccer stadium
5. South Fairmount (used to be the worst area but the city just spent 1 billion on the park river revitalization)
6. Clifton (great area, might be too pricy now)
7. West Price Hill (used to be a bad area but now being rediscovered, lot of potential for growth)
8. St Bernard
9. Norwood (parts are sketchy but has good streets, close to Hyde Park)
10. Northern Kentucky, Bellevue, Newport, Covington, Ludlow 

This list should get you started, I can think of a couple more areas that are kinda rough now but have huge potential for gentrification.