I just wanted to make a post recommending City Waterproofing in Akron Ohio for a job well done. I had a literal STREAM of water in my basement whenever it rained. It was so bad that sediment was pouring through the walls. Anyways, City Waterproofing took care of it for me by installing a waterproofing system. Here is an associated review I wrote for them for reference to my experience:

City Waterproofing is the definition of a family-run business that you can trust. So, I want to provide my impressions from my experience with them. And, it is without a doubt that I will call them again for future work.

I purchased a house not too long ago and found myself with a literal STREAM of water coming through my basement walls, so I started making calls to different basement companies. I received a barrage of outrageous quotes from contractors admitting to not knowing how to deal with my type of basement (a Michigan Basement). That's when Bryan with City Waterproofing came to review our basement. Bryan is charismatic, sociable, and genuine. He is passionate about is work and it shows. He gave an honest price estimate, followed by a quote, for a waterproofing system. Bryan walked me through the scope of work and how it would tackle my water issues.

We signed a contract together and Bryan guaranteed the work of City Waterproofing. He managed to schedule us in just days after signing. The work was to be completed in approximately five days. Bryan and his team took adequate precautions to prevent damage to any of the property when doing work. Throughout the assignment, Bryan walked me through each stage of the process so I had an understanding as to what would protect my basement. Additionally, Bryan has always been reachable by text or phone. He has even sent video updates of his work progress.

What pleases me more are the additional steps that Bryan and City Waterproofing have taken to ensure an enjoyable business relationship. For instance, I never expected my basement to be cleaned of cobwebs or dirt on the floor, but City Waterproofing power washed my basement for me. Moreover, and unexpectedly, City Waterproofing installed dura-wall panels throughout my basement. Lastly, as a housewarming gift, Bryan purchased topsoil to grade my property in spite of my indication that I would do this at my own expense.

Overall, I am pleased with the quality of the work and the level of communication I've had with this company, and it is a pleasure to have done business with them. I'll also recommend them for anyone in the Akron Canton Real Estate Investors Association.