HVAC system recommendations

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Hi: We need to replace a four ton split a/c system in Tampa and are trying to decide between American Standard Silver, Trane and Goodman. This is for our own home which we plan to keep for a good while and pay cash. Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

Hi @Carol Schmidt ,

The AC brand with the best reputation now is Rheem. I recommend you call Fontana Brothers AC. They did new installs for me, as well as have a bi-annual maintenance program, which I use for my own home and investment properties. They are affordable, super friendly and amazing customer service. They come in branded vans, uniforms and do the small stuff like put booties on their shoes before entering your home. 

Goodman has a reputation for cheap parts, and American Standard I'm only familiar with building toilets. Trane has always been a good brand. At the end of the day, the AC will last based on how well you maintain it. Once a month, change the filters as well as run vinegar down the condensate line. Once every 6 months have it serviced and vacuum the closet it's in. Wouldn't hurt to get a smart thermostat also to help regulate temperature when you're not home. 

take a look at the warranty the company that sells the unit is willing to give. A company that believes in their systems will stand behind it. Right now I believe Amana has the best warranties I’ve seen. They also are second only to Lennox in their seer rating which is all about efficiency and that saves money long term. I would not recommend Lennox as the parts are hard to get. The older reems I know are excellent units. I’ve worked on some as old as 30 years old. Life expectancy of an a/c and furnace is 15-20. I’m in the hvac business and would recommend Amana. But I’ll include a link so you can check for yourself. 


We have put in a lot of Goodmans as they are 'reasonable' & so far have been trouble free. My daughter went with a Lenox furnace & a/c. 2 yrs later (2016) both the blower & inducer motors died???. We spent 2 hours in a snow storm driving around the area for the parts. The parts were covered under warranty but the labor was not. Since then & much to my HVAC guys chagrin (been with him 12 years) it's been Goodman's. 

Her Lenox a/c condenser has also been an ongoing problem but she just sold the home in 3 days $13k over asking. Our HVAC guy does the annual PM's.