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Good afternoon,

I am relocating to Oregon in the summer and would like to began an online real estate school to prepare for my exams. I would much appreciate any reccomendations and feedback for currently available online schools. I've read that Proschools is not what it once was, is this true?

Cheers everyone,

Erik Barlowe

@Erik Barlowe I'm not sure what ProSchools used to be but it's what I used last year to study for my exam. I found it to be very thorough and easy to go at my own pace. Passed the exam handily the first time. Good luck!

I went through ProSchools, and it was great! I can give you a discount code that gives you $100 off too and have an extra set of books too! 

Let m know! 

I went through ProSchools.  If you speak with a brokerage before you start, most have a discount code. I can give you a contact for my office, I chose to go with Keller Williams because of the training they offer.

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Does anyone know if the pre-license classes "expire"?

In WA, if you finish your classes and don't proceed with the exam after a certain period of time, you will have to retake the classes again.

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