What's Your Best Flip Freebie?

1 Reply | Portland, Oregon

One of the ways we add value to a seller is getting rid of the unwanted belongings (junk) in house after they leave. We try to give away as much as we can to out out local folks and save items from the dump.  Typically the items don't have much value, but this time we had a nice surprise. We closed on a new fix and flip on North Portland last week and found some pretty cool stuff for once. As you can see from the pictures, we found almost $20 in coins, over $400 in gold from a combination of necklaces, earrings and some rings (not shown).  We also found over 20 bowling balls, and someone drove by and picked up 13 for free.  Maybe he just bought a bowling alley to rehab? What's the best item or items you've ever found in a flip?  Let me know!

Haven’t had an opportunity to rehab a property just yet but thanks for sharing this! What a score for the neighbors. Recently purchased our first investment property in NE Portland and it came pretty clean (minus old rugs and paint cans).