Looking for 2-4 Unit Properties in the Eugene, OR area.

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I've just started to look at the Eugene area for multi-family homes and am interested in 2-4 unit properties. My criteria is under $500k, 2-3 bedroom units and not near campus. Ideally, small families will rent each unit.  I'd like to network with people in the area as I live in Portland and am looking to move to Eugene soon. 

Aaron Shade

Welcome to BP. 

That sounds like a great plan.

Isnt it hard in Eugene to get that many units for only $500k?

I’m mostly finding larger 2 unit and some 3 unit under this price. It’s definitely more square footage for your buck than Portland. Not much cash flow though based on rents of $1.05 to $1.14 per square foot.

Aaron, what part(s) of EUG are you looking?I’m over by the University but would be happy to help. I’m looking at foreclosure homes in around College Hill.

Hi Aaron, 

I'm in Eugene and would love to help find your next investment. I'll keep an eye out for those criteria and will ask around the office here to see what we have off market for you. Have you moved to Eugene as of yet? Would love to meet you! 


Hey Aaron I have a few duplex's coming up soon but they're older construction. How close is not near campus?

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