Looking for Property Manager - Hillsboro

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Hello Portland/Beaverton/Hillsboro Investors. 

I am looking a Property Managers with some good reviews. Can you suggest someone?

Hi @Pragya Singh ,

I'm also looking.  I did speak with Residential Rental Group (http://www.residentialrentalgroup.com/) and DeAnna was very nice.  I just can't speak to their service.  The reviews are mixed.  

Latitude Property Management (http://chooselatitude.com/) has excellent reviews and is run by @Neal Collins who is active here on BP.  They have excellent reviews, and Neal is fantastic.  They serve Portland and the surrounding areas, but I'm not sure they reach all the way over into Hillsboro.  If both of us request it, maybe they will? ;)



@Pragya Singh , @Jefferson Smith , and @Joel Moore

Hey all, I just want to throw our company, Uptown Properties' hat into the ring.  We focus on the west side of Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, and Hillsboro. We just moved into our new office in Multnomah Village.  In fact we are hosting a meet up prior to the RareBird meeting next Thursday at 5pm.  Shoot me a PM or just come if you're interested in meeting up!

3524 SW Troy St 97219 next door to NW Wools