Vacant Land

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Lots for development. Mainly on the smaller side right now, something that can fit 2-4 townhouse. But also open to large lots as well. Mainly Fishtown, Kensington, and maybe Port Richmond area.

Send me a message if you want to chat. Thank you!

Check out the lot on the comer of Albert and livingston. The owner recently sold the warehouse that sits caddy corner to BMK who will be developing it into 10 homes. The lot I'm speaking of can probably fit 4 or 5.

@Jim Roche

In this market I am looking for builder inventory in the sunbelt, the inventory the builders walked away from when the market crashed, they are now coming back to. I have personally never developed. The strategy for my investors is a 2 to 5 year hold and wait for developer to buy back the lots. I know most investors will not sit and wait, like a chicken waiting for the egg to hatch.

Good Luck

Hello @Jim Roche !

I have done thousands of deals since 1999 buying and selling vacant land, so I definitely understand where you're coming from.

I find a target area and criteria, and then source my data from CoreLogic (a division of First American Title). Then I use mailers to hit these areas.

I wish you all the best finding vacant lots!

@Jack Butala This post is a couple years old but I imagine the info is still relevant. Are you still using that service? Would this be your reccomendation if someone was looking for land for a SFR project as opposed to a commercial development?

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