Montgomery County, Bucks County meetup

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Is there a meetup for those interested in the Montgomery or Bucks county area? If not, is there anyone out there that would be interested in getting one started? Please reply if your in the area and would be willing to meet. I'm an agent and investor in the area and looking to network.

Hi @William C.

Check out DIG (Diversified Investor's Group,  The main meeting is in Ambler and there are additional subgroup meetings every month.  There is specifically a Bux/Mont Sub Group which non-members can attend one time for free.  Check out the event calendar on the website. 

Great! Let's start thinking about a place to meet and day/time. Anyone know if a conference room we could use? Any events out there have an office we can use? We could meet at mine in Montgomeryville if need be. I think Conshy/Plymouth meeting area would be convenient. Everyone chime in and let me know your thoughts. No need for us to pay to meet, right?

Seems like a lot of folks are from either Phila or Montgomery county. We should meet somewhere in between at local chain restaurant or diner that has separate quiet area, so we can hear each other. 

Are you going to prep an agenda? It would be best if it's organized. 

I'd imagine after hours would work best for most.  Midweek, maybe Jan 24, 25, 26.  I can probably set up a poll to see what day works for most. I'll put together a tentative agenda, but my main goal of our first meeting would be to get to know who else is out there in this area investing in real estate looking to network and grow their business.   I'll look into some places in and around Plymouth meeting that could accommodate us.  

I would suggest to all of you that have expressed "interest" that you go to a DIG ( ) meeting to meet way more "investors" than you would attract to your ad hoc meetup. You can attend your first DIG meeting at Ambler and one subgroup meeting without first having to join DIG; the January 2017 DIG meeting has a panel of presenters who will discuss various ways to fund deals so new investors might take away a good bit of worthwhile info for free. 

Send me a colleague request with message that you are interested in DIG and I will pass along further info in reply; no message means no reply from me.

Funny how that's the second time that "pay to play" group was plugged in this thread.  I thought I had mentioned this before when someone suggested DIG, but to be honest I'm not looking to pay a fee to meet other investors in my area.  I'm not looking for an education either.   I'm sure it's a great, but not what I'm looking for.  Anyone else is more than welcome to go join the club if they'd like.    I'm not interested in a "panel of presenters".  I'm interested in getting to know people on a personal level, so if there are hundreds at your meetings, its again not what I'm looking for.   

To each his or her own.

There is a main meeting in Ambler that attracts hundreds of attendees; there are subgroups that meet throughout the Delaware Valley area where attendance numbers from ten to fifty, so perhaps that suits you better.

As to "pay to play", yes there is a membership fee - some consider it to be worth the nominal expense, others don't. Since you can attend once without being a member, you do get to "try before you buy" - so it's more like a "pay if you'd like to play more than once" arrangement.

As to education, even the most seasoned people realize that they will never know everything, that there is always something new to learn. Ask any licensed agent about requirements for continuing education.

The above is just to give a differing perspective, and you are entitled to your opinions ...

GPREIA is really good. I've been a member there for a few months. Its a good REIA to network, share deals, ideas and get educated on how to be successful in real estate. Most meeting we have guest speakers. January's meet we had Robyn Thompson the Queen of Rehab. She is well known nationwide in real estate. I learned a lot from her this past weekend. You can also find more REIA's on