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My wife is involved with a writers club that meets at Michael's Deli in King of Prussia on a monthly basis. It looks like they could hold up to 50 or 60 people in their meeting room, and their only requirement to reserve the space is that the group must purchase at least $200 worth of food/drink (including single bottles of beer). There are venues in Conshy that may have similar arrangements, but I'm familiar with this one and it's worthy of consideration. 

@Anthony Jenkins is that the Greater Philadelphia ReIA? Can you provide for info about the next meeting or joining?

@Christopher Munson that sounds like a good venue. I really only anticipate 10-15 people actually showing up but maybe that's a good place to take it if it were to grow to 40-50.

My intentions here was to create a more intimate meet up to get to know a few members on a personal basis, rather than show up at a REIA meeting with 200 attendees, for a cost, where I get sold the whole time by that nights speak.

Anyone that showed interest in attending and still intends on showing up I will have a venue and date set early next week. Plan for the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month, somewhere in Plymouth meeting. I was apart of a BNI group that met at Dave and Busters so I'll see about their rooms. I plan to keep it free, or the cost of a drink or 2 at your own discretion.

Thanks for all the interest so far. Continue to spread the word, and feel free to bring partners, friends, family, lenders, agent etc if they would find value in meeting other investors in the area. I look forward to meeting everyone shorty and beginning to grow our businesses together.

Yes, @William C. that's the Greater Philadelphia REIA that I mentioned before. The next meeting will be the first Thursday in February. There will be a guest speaker by the name of Scott Myers. He will speak about how to profit from storage facilities in real estate. Visit the GPREIA website and register for a free guest pass and location/time information. Hope to see you there.

@Eric Lerman and myself are definitely interested in attending something like this if it has not already happened. I am a firm believer that making personal meaningful connections is the way to go! Hopefully we are not too late in responding.   

Originally posted by @William C. :

My intentions here was to create a more intimate meet up to get to know a few members on a personal basis...

William, this sounds wonderful. Thank you for your efforts, they'll surely be rewarded. I think there are several people seeking a similar networking event. Can't wait! 

@Baylie Sappir it's definitely not too late. I have been wrapped up in a unit I'm preparing to rent next week and haven't been able to look into a location that will take us. If anyone has any ideas please feel free to share. We could always grab table a large bar like Great American Pub as mentioned before but I was thinking something more intimate like a private room. I'm also trying to keep it free for everyone to attend. I'd also like to make the day consistent month to month so we can prepare ahead of time to meet. Whether it's the second Tuesday or Wednesday of every month, it'll keep it simply and consistent. Let's keep the conversation moving, I will check with a few establishments this afternoon to see about hosting us.

Anyone out there know a bar or restaurant owner willing to open their door for us?

My brother meets weekly at the Wholefoods in Plymouth Meeting with a group of people. It is a free, private space to rent. Another suggestion is the Giant in Willow Grove. They have a community space upstairs that is available to rent for free as well.  How about we lock down a a time this week or next to set up a meeting? What would work best for everyone and where?

It took too long to wait for this meeting to be scheduled. I actually found one in Conshohocken, organized by local investor -

They meet one Tuesday a month. It's $10 and it covers the facility that they rent and light food. I enjoyed conversation with people of different backgrounds and experiences. They have broken the meeting into 3 sections. Expert key speaker, open forum with questions and answers, and then networking while people were eating pizza.

Highly recommend to everyone in the area.

@Andrew K. - I suggest you look at the various DIG subgroups to see which ones are close enough for you to attend conveniently, as well as to see whether any are covering a topic that catches your interest. My subgroup previously hosted the speaker presenting at the Delaware County subgroup tomorrow - a highly recommended speaker. If you aren't aware of how to find this, send me a colleague request with a message and I will help you out.

Another interested party here, and since it seems to be taking 4 months to organize something .. My suggestion is that everyone pulls who shows up gives $5 to the person who organizes the thing on night 1 upon entry.

I got confirmation we can use his spot.  It's about a mile from the Lansdale/Harleysville exit on the Northeast Ext. (first exit going north from Plymouth Meeting) 

I did want to find a spot closer to Plymouth Meeting or Conshohocken but this spot is available and only about 15 minutes from the mid county rolls.  It would also be close for anyone coming from north of us like Perkasie, Sellersville, Quakertown, and maybe as far as Allentown.

Who is still in?   I'd be willing to meet as soon as the next 2 weeks.  We can accommodate 50 people easily if it were to get that large.  We'll also get to sample some of the new brews they have fermenting.

Reply to the post if you want to come. Also mention towns near you so other members in your area with alerts set up will be notified.  I set a date with at least 10 confirmed attendees.  Let's do this.  

Lastly, just picked up another flip for around 100k. Ambler area, 450k ARV. Interested in bringing a few newbies along for the ride, or on as partners if they are able to add value in any way possible. This meetup will be a great chance to go through the details

Of the deal and hopefully we can find a good fit or 2, or 3. 

I'll be interested if it's on a Sunday or Monday 

I've been investing in some rental properties in Philly and would like to get more familiar with real flipping technics.