Does anyone have experience with a complete rowhouse demo? I'm trying to get a sense of the timeline. It sounds like you can submit the demo zoning and permit applications at the same time. Approval happens in approximately 15 business days. Upon application submission, you get the public demo notice, and this has to sit in front of the property for at least 21 days prior to commencing the work (which I guess is equal to the 15 business day permitting/zoning approval process)? There's no public hearing, right? Assuming it's not a historic property, or protected in any other way, as long as you fill out a proper application you'll be approved? Can you pay for the 5 business day acceleration (which obviously isn't worth it if you still have to provide 21 days of public notice)?

Can you go after an EZ Interior Demo permit to begin non-structural demo prior to receiving the complete demo permit?

Lastly, can you submit zoning/building permit applications for the new construction project at the same time as the demo application?

I'm piecing this together from a few different sources, so any help/clarification is much appreciated. Thanks.