A Breakdown of Philadelphia Neighborhoods and Values

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@Jimmy O'Connor   what’s considered lower Grays Ferry 19146? Reason I ask is because full gut estimates I’ve gotten have been around $150 per sq foot. I would love to find a contractor @ the $80k rate for a full gut you mentioned for that area. 

Temple Master Plan

As a recent temple graduate, I can truly say that the temple area still has a large amount of room to grow. What Jimmy said about "true" temple is very true as many do not understand where the student( cash cows) limits are. The border right now is about 11th to 19th and not past Diamond. A year or two from now I could easily see the student living borders go to 20th and Dauphine

"11th to 19th, Cecil B Moore to Diamond, most investors may be stuck on Broad-18th (19121/19122)"

Temple had an on-campus housing shortage so there is defiantly a need. Also, many students are complaining about the cost of the large buildings that are closer to campus with rental rates that keep increasing.