Investment friendly banking contacts

3 Replies | Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hello, Does anyone have any specific contacts at local or regional banks in the Pittsburgh area that are good to work with for investment properties? I’ve called on a few banks, but haven’t found many folks that are truly familiar and active in supporting real estate investing. Thanks Andrew

@Andrew F. I would suggest networking with people at your local investor meet up in your area. I also created my own list of investor friendly banks by calling a few a day and finding out what products they offer. I would suggest start creating relationships with various banks in your area, maybe even go out to meet then and explain what you are attempting to get accomplished in your own investor journey. If they can't help you sometimes they may even refer you to their competitor who may have a better product. 

@Andrew F. Hard to make a general statement here as there can be many variables to fit an Investor's specific needs and I'm not sure what yours are. Besides banks, there are alternate sources for REI funding but again, each situation needs to be analyzed to determine the best source.