New to the Lehigh Valley!

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Hello Allentown area! 

I'll be moving to the area shortly, and am having no luck finding a pet-friendly short term rental. Any chance someone wants to earn above-market rents in exchange for a three month lease? We are flexible on size and price, just looking for anything to bridge the gap while I get my PA license and close on our home. My fiance and I have two cats and three dogs... anything within 30 minutes of Bethlehem will work.

I look forward to getting involved in the local community. I'm looking for flip deals in the local area that I can put in some sweat equity towards. If you are a established investor interested in working together, feel free to send me a message!

Hi @David Ribardo Welcome to the area.  Did you reach out to the apartment complexes in the area?  They should be more willing to work with you.  The thing is a 3 month rental means you are moving out right in the start of winter; which makes for a harder time to find new tenant.  You can check out the local Facebook rental group to see if anyone can help you out.  Good luck.   Link is below:

Hi @David Ribardo , welcome to the area! We are also looking to partner with people to invest in the Lehigh Valley area. Lets keep in touch. Good luck with the house search! There are a decent amount of multi-families in the area, have you considered doing a live-in flip? 

Thanks @Stephen Kunen , I appreciate the welcome! My current specialty is small multi-family properties (currently all my properties are 2-8 units), and I would love to keep that going up in PA. I'll shoot you a message, look forward to talking with you more!