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Just taking advantage of the new sub categories to try to connect with local members and investors. What are you doing, what areas and for how long?

I moved to Columbia last year and am renovating a house up here. I own a rental property in Summervile that I plan to hold onto for the foreseeable future. I spent time living in West Ashley, North Charleston, and Summerville. I still have many friends, family and business connections in the area as well.

Hi Jacob,

I live in West Ashley, moved here from the Aiken area a couple of years ago. I've flipped one house so far and have an offer in on my second. Trying to stay close to this immediate area but it's getting tougher.

Originally posted by @Scott Winbigler :

Hi Jacob,

I live in West Ashley, moved here from the Aiken area a couple of years ago. I've flipped one house so far and have an offer in on my second. Trying to stay close to this immediate area but it's getting tougher.

 Awesome, Scott. What neighborhoods/area are you in? I rented on Ashley Hall Plantation Rd right off 526 not too far fr ok m the Citadel Mall. We wanted to buy our first house in West Ashley but ended up in Summerville near my job. Always liked Denver Downs (as did many others). 

I live by the tennis center, behind Doscher's. This neighborhood I can't afford but my first flip was off of 61 around Church Creek area.

We live in Mt. Pleasant and work the tri-county area.  We are rehab/flipping and wholesale/flipping.  Favorite areas to rehab are James Island and West Ashley.  We have also done quite well in certain areas of North Charleston and Summerville.  We have done well wholesaling all over the tri-county are.  Our business is approx. 50/50 split between rehabbing and wholesaling.

 We don't plan to buy-and-hold any SFRs in the near future.  We are planning to acquire a medium-sized multifamily in the next year or so.  We will be searching the entire state of SC and NC for a 20-30 unit building.  If you see a great deal pop up, let me know!  

We live overseas currently, but are originally from Charleston.  We have two long term rentals in Summerville and Goose Creek, but we're more interested in the Johns Island/James Island/West Ashley area.  No rush to jump into another property though.

Good luck to everyone!

James Island here.  I am a Realtor and also have a SC contractor's license.    I own a few long term rentals on James Island and am flipping my last purchase; a townhouse on James Island (mls # 15018837)

Hey yall I'm currently in the Summerville area and I'm just starting out trying to find my first deal... But it's nice to see there are some others in the area on BP! 

West Ashley is a great place! I have a very good friend who owns about 800 plus units in the North Charleston area. That market is great down there, I am form NY but love to travel down there.

Currently on James Island.  I'm working on my first project now.  Capital and contractor already lined up.  I want to build a starter home in an area with good schools.  Currently looking for the right lot to build on.  I'm trying to land something in the West Ashley, James Island, or Summerville area.  Any suggestions out there?

Stay in touch

@Jason Smith

 I will keep you in mind.  I have a lead on some land on Johns Island right now.  One of my colleagues had some land in Summerville last year.  Let me ask around and get back to you

Russ Scheider Thanks!

I don't live in Charleston but I just returned from vacation there and love it.  My wife and I have set a goal of moving to the Charleston area in the next year or so and I would like to start investing in the area.

I have organized an Charleston Area Investor's Happy Hour coming up in Mt. Pleasant in September.  If you would like an invitation, simply inbox me with your phone number and email address.

Hello everyone! Awesome to see local like minded individuals. Me and a few partners just formed a raw land buying llc. We will target Horry, Georgetown, Charleston, Dorchester, and many other counties. So it would be great to connect with all of you. Stay in touch. Dustin

Hello, I live in Mount Pleasant. I recently sold a restaurant of mine and am currently looking for my first property. Looking forward to meeting some like minded in the area. This site has helped me out a great deal. 

Hi Gang.  New to Charleston and living in Daniel Island.  I'm interested in connecting with folks and learning about the local investment market.  Open to any suggestions about groups, ways to connect, etc.  Look forward to hearing from fellow BP's.  TIA.  Rick

@Jason Smith where are you on James Isl?   Sounds like you've figured out that schools are very important around here when it comes to re-sale values.   I don't want to knock Russ's John's Island land (there is some beautiful land on Johns Island!) but "Johns Isl" and "good schools" are not compatible terms.    It's one thing that's been holding Johns Island back, imo.

Hi All,

I live in Charleston for the last 25 years and have been studying Real Estate for about a year now and just started taking the plunge to become really active about six months ago. I'm focused on wholesaling in the tri-county area and will work my up to flips. Have successfully wholesaled one property already and have another under contract. Looking to connect with local investors, get advice and help out any way I can. 

If anyone is interested I have a SFR, 3/1 in Summerville in walking distance from town square. ARV around 100k, needs a lot of work (lot's of wood rot), maybe 45k depending on what you want to do with it. Asking price is 35k. Someone is currently living in it. I have lot's of pics of it if you're interested. Let me know!

Looking forward to gaining lots of experience from you pro's! 

@Rebekah Hawkins  I am interested.  I will send you a private BP message with my email address.  Look forward to hearing from you!

Hi all, I'm in Mt. P and and new to real estate investing and BP.  I just noticed the sub forum and I'm interested in meet-ups and networking locally.  My focus will be buy and hold long-term rentals.  @Russ Scheider or others please keep me posted on any new happy hour plans. 

I'm a new investor currently living in Mt Pleasant. I'm looking to invest in North Charleston and Summerville, considering some other parts of SC within a couple hours of Charleston. Would love to network with others in the area!

@Stephen Vetek you just missed our quarterly happy hour gathering.  Please get in touch with me and I will put you on the guest list for next event.


I'm a local Investor in the Summerville area as well as a Realtor. I live in Cane Bay Plantation and can help anyone with getting familiar with the area!

I own 1 rental property and working on more.

You can reach me by BP message board or Phone/email. 

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