Looking to start wholesaling in Memphis - need advice

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Hey everyone, 

My husband and I have been discussing getting into real estate and building something for ourselves for over a year now and have decided wholesaling may be a good start for us. What areas do investors like to buy in and why? Any other advice is appreciated as well.  

Your best cash buyers will be local turnkey providers and our market is not short on them.  Check out their websites to get an idea of the type of homes they sell. Most stay away from the really rough areas though there are a few who will buy there. Good luck!!

Thanks for your response! I will look into that. 

You have investors buying all over. The rougher the area, just try to get it for a better price. Network through facebook groups, biggerpockets, REIA meetings, and real estate groups on MeetUp to find more buyers and people to partner up with.

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