Advocacy for landlords

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Hey guys- MANY of you don't see eye-to-eye with me on issues relating to our market.  But I think we would all be on the same side of any conversation about landlord rights.  Washington (state) has this thing called the Rental Housing Association that provides some education and tools and networking- but what they do that I don't think we have here is lobby for issues that can help or protect us and act as advocates in various forums... council meetings, whatever.

I think some of our Go Getters- the guys who go to 8am Meetups (or whatever) should consider heading this up.  I am willing to help- but as a general rule don't want to work that hard.  I am old and slow and take naps.  Link to follow:

What made me think to post this was the thing last week about mandatory inspections before new tenants...  Did anyone go to that meeting?