Chattanooga Wholesaler Recommendations

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Hi Everyone-

Hoping to be pointed in the right direction. I'm about to finish renovations on my second house-hack of a single family home here (roommates are a great thing!), and I'll be moving to Chattanooga from Philadelphia this fall to look for a triplex or quadplex to take my first step into multi-family investing. I'm planning on visiting in August to drive some zip codes and get a feel for where I would like to buy. 

While I'm in town, I'd like to meet with some wholesalers and property managers so that I can hit the ground running when I move this fall. I found some property manger references in another thread on BP, and I'm hoping someone on here would be able to share the names of some wholesalers that I could introduce myself to as well.

Cant wait to be a part of your city!


Hey Joe,

Give me a call, I’ve been wholesaling in Chattanooga for AWHILE. Market knowledge, contacts, and deal flow are my strengths as a wholesaler, landlord, and flipper. DM me and we can figure something out. Sorry for the grammatical errors, driving. 

Sorry to see you go @Joe O. . I've heard good things about Chat., TN ... small tech companies starting to move there, high speed internet, low price points but good cashflow depending on where you are in the city. Good luck down there!!

@Joe O. Hey Joe, congrats on your second house hack, sounds like you've got a thing going! We're actually planning on visiting in August as well, we've been wholesaling there for just over a year now from Cali. We've had to create quite a few strong relationships to help us succeed in the Chattanooga market and I'd be happy to share those contacts as well any other resources you may need to help you along your investing journey. Chattanooga is truly a great community and place to be, you will certainly get the help and advice you need if you stick to working with the locals :)