Harris County Delinquent Taxes.

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So I found a house that clearly is in bad shape . After looking it up on the tax assessor website I found out its 56k past due in Taxes from 1996.    My question is how do 20 years go by and the house never gets auctioned off?  




Call the tax assessors. Only they would know that one.

Jim Sakalis

@Anthony Ellison How about the property is decades behind on taxes and then the house gets demolished adding an extra $17k onto the bill! As soon as you buy, that becomes your debt. You may be able to work with Linebarger Blair and Sampson on purchasing with some of it forgiven. Maybe a title company could help ensure it so that no one can come later and claim the lot.

I would like to start searching for some motivated sellers in my area. I was thinking that a delinquent tax list would be a good lead. Any thoughts? Am I on the right track? I believe this is a good avenue to pursue but I admit I have no deals under my belt so I figure I should ask more knowledgeable investors.

any advise is very much appreciated.

@James Richter , yes, that would be a good list to go off of. Depending on how much you have for marketing, you can narrow does the list if needed based on how much they are behind or how many years. Sending the letters around the Fall season, around the time they get their tax notifications, is good too.

So right about now would be a good time to get my behind in gear. I ave been open minded to different avenues to get started. Some how I keep finding my mind focused on this strategy. Thank you for sharing your opinion.

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