Recs for pier and beam (elevated) home builders

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Our personal home was hit hard by Harvey (almost 7 feet of water for two weeks).  We are evaluating what we'll do next.  One possibility is doing a tear down and new build.  I would appreciate any recommendations for builders in Houston who specialize in elevated (3-4 feet) new home builds.  We are in a higher end neighborhood where the houses are almost 50 years old - need to stay in style of neighborhood.

Hi Ann ...building a house on pier and beam should not require any specialized builder.... its  a very simple process where work is really during design (civil/architect) and design work should not have  any additional cost as well ... A lot of height/independence height townhomes/houses are this way and there you will find national builder to customer low volume builder to smaller builder building houses on pier and beam .

Also (to me) there isnt anything call high end builder ..instead high end design ... cause all houses will be built by same set of folks BUT the differentiating factor will be in deign and/or layout ... pay close attention to that one and sit closely during civil/architecture drawings. 

Good luck and PM me if you needed any contact with local builder/architect to sit down and talk in details and i can connect you to some that i have spoken/worked with before. 

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