Renovation Budget Estimate - house leveling

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Anyone have any experience doing house leveling with their renovations, and have a budget number they use $/sqft?  This isn’t a repair I’ve ever done befor, so I’ve got no idea. Internet is all over the place, $2k to $10k depending on what you read. 

This would be what I assume is a pretty involved leveling. It’s not just a slight slope and a few doors that are tight. It’s got a couple noticeable humps on either side of the house. Probably a couple inches  

There are also 2 small sections of the floor that you can see through - 1” gaps between several wood panels. One he fit a 1’x2’ board in to an nailed down. The other the current owner indicated that he had just had covered with carpet and rented out. Now this is a lower income area. Does that really work as a repair in these types of areas?

Also curious about this. I've been looking into house leveling lately as the rehabbing I've done is in a city with basements. From my research, the techniques have changed quite a bit in the last few years.

Are you flipping or holding onto this one?

Yeah, the plan is to rent it out. $3k to level it, and the house of profitable. $10k and it just takes a few more smal budget slips to not be worth it. 

Thanks. That gives me another reference point. What I’m coming up with is about 2500 is the most likely number