Websites for Researching Market Trends

2 Replies | San Antonio, Texas

I am brand new to BP and am researching market data in Texas. Does anyone have any suggestions on websites with the best/clearest data for picking investment areas based on statistics? I came across Neighborhood Scout earlier and it looks good. Thoughts?

@Zack Laning I use Zillow. I tend to make a list of properties that are similar and it alerts me when prices are going up or down, length of time on the market, and new properties and then I create a live spreadsheet that tracks all the info for the homes I have saved. It's free and so far it has been an effective tool that has helped me purchase and assign homes in the markets I work within. I know it's not necessarily a website, but I hope this helped.

@Zack Laning checkout "Sperling's Best Places" and "City Data", both are great sites to look at all sorts of market metrics.  The "Bureau of Labor Statistics" also provides some great data.  I also use the crime feature on Trulia.

Keep us posted if you find any other good resources. Best of luck!