Inheriting a property with aggressive dogs??

3 Replies | San Antonio, Texas

Hi all! I'm rounding the bases on what would be my first purchase; a 4-plex property. Today we had the inspection and all looked fine until we entered one unit where we were warned the tenant had dogs - and boy do they. Two large, aggressive Rottweiler's barking loudly enough to shake the walls. 

The dogs have already begun to do a number on the natural wood floors that the owner just had redone so I can only imagine what this will look like a year from now. This tenant has only been in the unit a week and just signed a year lease. A major inherited problem that I can't imagine someone would knowingly sign up for after rehabbing and trying to sell.

I am going to be interviewing PM's and this will be an answer I'll ultimately get from them but wanted to ask the community here in San Antonio to see if anyone had ideas.

We will address with the seller and hopefully this is resolved via the tenant's current lease but was curious if this was something anyone had experienced prior and what steps I can take as the potential purchaser of this property and barking headaches.


I would discount the property 10k right off the bat just because of the damage that they are going to cause. Let the seller know why.


This is a classic example of a bad landlord rushing in a tenant with a over priced rent in order to sell the property for more. You tell him to vacate that unit, add an addendum, fix the floors, or you are out of the deal. 

You do not want, nor do you deserve this as your first investment, or any investment for that matter.  You should have a good working relationship with your buying agent, and discuss it together first