Renovation Insurance Referral

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Greetings San Antonio Forum,

My partner and I recently went under contract for a house in North Central San Antonio.  This will be our first rehab project.  I'm guessing we'll have to renovation and/or liability insurance.

Does any have any good insurance agent referrals?



@Micah Macias - thanks for the info.  We plan to execute the rehab without a GC.  My partner is a GC and he'll manage the projects with subs.  We'll need to talk through that with insurance specialists to make sure we cover our bases.  Would appreciate your agent contact.

@Manaia Alalamua - thanks for the contact.  I'll reach out.

@Melvin Maxwell

Hey Melvin, I’m happy to have a conversation with you regarding builders risk/ocp insurance. We may even be able to get away with writing a vacant dwelling policy if the repairs are minor and only cosmetic. If not, we can turn around a builders risk quote day of, just need some details. Happy to help!