Looking for investor-friendly broker

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Real estate Reformation.  Tell them meetrah amini referred you.  They are $200 flat fee per month(no commission splits) and also give referral fees for referring other agents.

I just looked up 5th stream realty and they charge $125 per sale and charge fees for leasing.  If you are doing any kind of volume that's gonna be higher than $200 a month 

Keller Williams wrote the books on REI....Millionaire Real Estate Investor, HOLD, and FLIP.....some of the best books out there. The business is growing like crazy, profitable, and debt free. Surround yourself with people who are doing in a big waywhatever niche you want to tackle. Think BIG and BOLD, not small with an abundance mentality and the right mindset. Join a brokerage with tiny fees, and you'll probably be surrounding yourself with people doing things in a small way.