Short-term Rentals in Dallas

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Hi all,

New to the forum. My wife and I are going to start real estate investing in Dallas. All little bit about us... we moved here from California last year in July (a little before the mass exodus started). We currently have a 2 bed/2bath condo in the Carrollton/Addison area near Beltline that we are planning to start a short-term rental with, specifically Airbnb. Just wanted to get some advice from anybody who's experienced in the short-term rental business here. 

Is this a good area for Airbnb? I've been on Airbnb and kinda dissecting other listings and their occupancy rates. Just wanted to see if anybody has first-hand experience/advice.

@Steve Lee . Have you researched what is available on the Airbnb site in your neighborhood? As you know it is very centrally located, so will depend on your HOA as well.

@Lucia Rushton Thanks Lucia. Yes I’m still doing my research in my neighborhood and looks like occupancy rates are pretty good in this area >50%. The AirDNA website seems to be helpful as well.

Like you mentioned, looks like I'm clear to go based on my HOA's CC&Rs but probably will still call them to make sure.

Are you running any short term rentals as well?

Hi, Looking to work with a full service management rental company in Dallas/Oak-cliff area. Very recently completed property with multiple units and walking distance from Bishop arts district in Dallas downtown. Prime location and up-scale updates. Would greatly appreciate contacts and reference for full service STR companies. Thanks