Seeking Investor-Minded Reno Designer/Planner Recommendations

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Hello Everyone!

My wife and I are based in Austin, TX and we're in the process of purchasing a home – we close on 4/28/21.

For context, we're taking on a bit of a project, an old cottage-style home (built in 1948) located in Central Austin (~5-6 miles north of downtown). On a scale of 1-10, with "1" indicating minimal repairs needed and "10" indicating a gut job, this house is likely a ~6-8.

As such, we'll be doing a good chunk of renovations and, as a first step, we're currently in the process of getting a detailed as-built floor plan created by a local firm.

We're looking for recommendations of good, investor-minded planners/designers to help us create and design our renovation plan. 

We'd like to utilize this plan/design to gather bids from GC's (also open to good GC recommendations) to help us execute the project.

Anyone have any strong-fitting, local Austin-based investor-minded planners/designers for a project like this? (GC recommendations welcome to!)

All help and points in the right direction is much appreciated! Feel free to DM me if preferred.

There is a local builder named Lynn Currie who is on facebook and has been around a while. She apparently has friends who renovate central Austin for a living.  I think she may be a developer who tears down and builds 2 units, but she has a podcast where she talks about her rehab  friends, her personal central Austin remodel that likely cost her more than a new build, and that she now only does new builds.  (If you are a "6-8" you may find it cheaper to do a new build).  Also, just thought of this, there are professional permit expediters in Austin.  Surely one of them knows who regularly pulls permits for drywall removal, rewire, replumb, insulate, button up.  The cosmetics don't require permits.  Windows without reframing are express permits (but if you need windows, siding, roof, you want to do the exterior stuff first to protect the interior work).  Congrats on your new house.  Hope you can find someone.  Maybe a contract attorney knows some gc's  who do a good job of spelling out work scope and rarely have client problems.