Hi, I am in search for a vacation home in Riviera Maya, preferably Tulum area, but open to suggestions.  I have put aside $200k.  
2 bedroom flat or condo would be ideal.

I plan to use it 1-2 months a year. Rest of the time needs to be looked after/maintained by someone. I am not looking to renting it out for profit at the moment, buy I’d be nice to buy at a place that is smart for short terms rentals if I ever decide to rent it out. I would be abroad for most of the year so I’d need someone to manage the rentals for me as well.

At the moment vacation home to stay in instead of paying for hotels is the main objective. 
Could you please kindly suggest best areas to buy with this budget in 2021 and also reputable people/companies to buy from. 
We will be in Tulum in May to look at properties in the area. 
(I am open to non Tulum recommendations as well)