New housing developments impact?

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What is the impact of all the new home developments in fort worth?

Is it lowering or increasing the value of property or rents in the older existing communities?

The new home prices in the new communities are very high.

When you have so many new homes being built is it a good place to invest?

From what I have seen, the largest market in the Ft Worth and surrounding area is $150-$200k range. A lot of these homes going up are quite a bit more than that. The cost of construction has gone way up which is going to drive the cost of existing structure as well. I know North of Dallas has slowed down a bit but it seems like the up and coming suburbs of Ft Worth have not had that slow down yet. The developers I have done work for are selling lots before they even have roads finished. I think all the new construction just brings the prices up of existing structure. Especially since the new construction is not keeping up with the demand. 

I do not have a lot of years of experience but I have not seen real estate in the N Tx area really lose value the way it does in some other parts of the country. Most of my experience is with single family and raw land though. Real estate seems to always be a pretty safe investment in this area, so long as your buying something you can afford.