76106 gentrification or development plans

1 Reply | Fort Worth, Texas

My brother and I have been looking at a duplex deal in the 76106 zip code. We drove the surrounding area last night and were not impressed with the potential headache the neighborhood might cause. I’m wondering if anyone has knowledge about this area and if any developments are planned, which could make this a more attractive investment?

There are two areas in this zip code I believe are worth watching for investment, but neither give you much in terms of area.  The Trinity River Vision Project is going to be making anything along the Trinity an interesting investment option and there is some areas in this zip code towards the southern border in proximity to the river.   I would also check out anything close to the Fort Worth Stockyards.  I know West of the Stockyards(different zip) has seen some good investment.  It might see some additional areas spring up.    I also want to mention that there has also been a lot of new construction in this zip code. Developers buying up single lots and building.  Here is a map of the area of homes currently active and sold that were built after 2016.   Red is sold, green is still active.   I hope this helps.