Private/Hard Money recommendations

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Can anyone recommend some private or hard money lenders in the SLC or Provo area?  I'm fairly new to the area after successfully flipping in Houston and looking to connect with some local lenders.  Also if you have any deals please feel free to reach out!



Have you asked your Houston financial backers if they would consider working with you in your new location? If you were successful in Houston it would make sense for them to continue working with you

@Scott Royer

Hi Scott. Welcome to Utah! There are some great networking clubs here and some good lenders. I could recommend two that lend at 2-3 points origination and 12% APR if that works for you. I have heard great things about both companies but I have only used one of them. We've done 4 loans together, from 100k to 350K. It's all about the deal and your experience. Send me a private message and I can give you the info.