ITIN application and do I need agent?

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I am registering series LLC and need to apply for my ITIN in order to get my EIN for the business account!

Some say you got to do it with your tax and I am just a new investor hadn’t paid any tax yet. 

Some say you might even be rejected! All I am trying to do is to pay my tax and I am not even a resident here! I am just trying to be the good guy! 

Help guys! I am flying to LA next month to fix this and some referral please or any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance 


@Clarence Gong you need to use a specialist , virtually impossible to do it yourself

Massively unnecessarily over complicated........find and pay experts to do it for you

Thanks very much for the info. Appreciate it!

I was preparing for visit to IRS office already! Sounds like a bad idea! Any professional help or referral is appreciated! Thanks guys!

Thanks a lot! I will look into it!

@Clarence Gong - As has been mentioned a couple of times, you do not need an ITIN to get an EIN. An EIN application is a single page application for which you will need your LLC or C-Corp info. May take a couple of weeks or a month, but nothing terrible. Just remember to plan ahead of when you actually need it. Your US accountant / lawyer should be able to guide you.

Also, you do not need an ITIN immediately. The IRS will issue you one automatically when you file your first tax return. So, just get the accountant to file return at the appropriate time. Why spend the extra $ to get one early if you don't need it.


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