Contractor/Handyman Starting out in Real Estate (Networking)

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Hello BiggerPockets,

I would like to start investing in real estate, and think that working in the space is a good place to start. I currently have a day job Installing Cabinets, and do handyman work on the side. I would like to develop my business beyond being a one-man-show, and move into Real Estate full time.

Right now my focus is on learning as much as possible, and growing my business. I hope to do that by providing as much value to investors as possible. Beyond my services as a Contractor, I am starting to educate myself in marketing. I think that this is another great way to increase my value.

If you're looking for an honest, reliable, and accountable Contractor/Handyman in the greater Seattle area I would like to work with you. I'm taking a bottom up approach to Real Estate, and looking to develop as many relationships as possible along the way.

What I have:

Truck, Tools, and Contractors Licences

What I would like:

Work, Mentors

Thanks for reading everyone, I appreciate your time. If you have any questions or advice I'd love to hear it.

Robert(Bob) Radowick

Welcome, Robert! By checking your license, I see you are based out of Gig Harbor. 

One idea, if I were you (when your credit and income history would allow you to get a mortgage) would be to do a creative JV with an investor on buying a reno 2-4plex in your name, rehabbing, and rent out the units besides yours. It's a long term deal but for a medium sized investor (perhaps someone you've cultivated a relationship with by working on their places) it could make a lot of sense.

Thanks Thomas,

That's pretty much the goal. I'm also interested in properties that have to potential to add square footage; such as adding a mother-in-law above a garage, or finishing a basement. I'm helping a friend with their basement project now.

I'm working on financing, but the loan application is proving to be somewhat arduous for a 1099 contractor. It seems nothing happens as fast as you want it to.

I have the skills, tools, and licences to flip a house, but not necessarily the professional track record. As you suggested, I'd love to find people that need handyman/renovation work that could lead to a Join Venture in the future. I'm confident that once I start making connections things will fall into place. If you know anyone who needs handyman/renovation work send them my way.

Thanks again,

Robert (Bob)