Amenities for typical Spokane rental property

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Hi folks, 

This topic of expected amenities came up last night's BP webinar as a question to consider for a REI. So, I just wanted to get a gauge for what people here think are "smart" amenities for a typical good SFR rental here in Spokane. It probably depends on neighborhood but let's just say we're talking South Hill Comstock or Perry or Audubon or Shadle (which seem to be all fairly nice areas). The goal is to have good people and long term renters.

So, wWould it be best to have a fridge included, as well as a washer and dryer? Or should (or is it typical here for) the tenant (to) provide their own appliances?

In addition for SFR is a sprinkler system a smart buy to protect lawn/landscaping investment or is that a luxury item and something prone to maintenance hassles and $? I know I am messing with my personal system annually.

Thanks for any input.

Spokane standard is all appliances included. I occasionally have tenants who have their own Washer/Dryer in which case I just store the ones I provided.

As for the sprinkler system, if the home has an HOA that requires a certain standard of lawn then it could be beneficial. Otherwise I wouldnt add one as it would just be more maintenance. Tenants traditionally wont take the best care of lawns from my experience, but a couple tactics have found helpful are:

1) Requiring they maintain the lawn to a certain standard in the lease with a clause saying that they will be charged for professional lawn service if it is not maintained.

2) Providing professional lawn service as a perk and adding it into the rental price. You just need to make sure you hype this up in your listing so its really seen as a perk and not as an expense they dont care about.

Both have worked with mixed success. Really just depends on the area and type of tenants you are targeting.

Thank you Micheal, that was helpful!

>> Providing professional lawn service as a perk and adding it into the rental price.

Build it into the rent price and hype it, gotcha. Interesting idea!

I'm thinking of a drought resistant landscape using Spokane's "SpokaneScape" model. Drought resistant and low maintenance, hopefully, with a just a patch of lawn for the kiddos.