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Hello All

looking for any referrals or suggestions for a CPA in Tacoma area and also any hard money lenders you might be kind enough to pass along.


Welcome to BP, @Gared Bowers !

I don't have a CPA for you, but I have connections with some hard money lenders who have better terms than all the local ones here.  BP mods usually delete my posts when I post business names and contact info, so feel free to PM me.

Updated 9 months ago

I've done flips with: - Eastside Funding - Veristone Capital - Intrust Funding - Redmond Funding Group - Inland Capital - Builder's Capital But over the past year, I've started using nationwide lenders, whose terms are typically better. You don't usually get 12 months and interest-free on undrawn construction funds with the local lenders. If you're starting out in flips, I really suggest getting a long term on your loan.

Hi Gared. I like Matt Dill with Rain City Capital, he's not on here.  Vestus is another big name in the area. 

@Isaac Hobbs

Vestus is an Auction team. Eastside Funding is their Lending arm.

@Gared Bowers I would stay away from Eastside funding as I have been personally screwed over by their company. I use MBO NW. If you are interested in their contact info, send me a PM.

@Gared Bowers - There's a great Real Estate tax professional here on BiggerPockers right up in your neck of the woods.  If you have a chance, check out @Natalie Kolodij and some of her posts and work here. She's very knowledgeable in the REI niche. She's also speaking speaking at two different REIAs in the South End during November and January.

Best of Luck!

Great info everyone. Keep it coming. :) 

Veristone for a hard money lender. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good CPAs in the area. Good luck!

Hey @Gared Bowers I've got the name of a CPA in Tacoma. She works with a couple of the large brokerages in the neighborhood and comes very highly regarded. I haven't used her yet, but we had an initial meeting not too long ago and she will be my go-to when the time comes. PM me and I'll pass the info along! 

@Gared Bowers

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to chat or have any questions! I'll be speaking at the REIA Tacoma meeting on November 9th if you'd like to meet in person as well.

I don't write hard money loans, but I keep my finger on the pulse of who does. The best terms and fees I have found are with Lendinghome. Check them  out. 

Hi @Gared Bowers  

I think I'd would need to know more about your goals and your current financial strength to better answer this. In other words, bigger nationwide companies DO tend to have better rates, but require many more hoops to jump through in order to fund. This causes longer lead times/close times, possibly more "junk fees", personal guarantees, stricter repayment structures, etc. Local lenders on the other hand, maybe able to work with you better and be more open and receptive to working with newer investors (many nationwide lender don't work with new investors OR charge much higher rates). I would recommend going with a local lender that someone has a relationship with, so they can refer you based on their experience. Always look out for junk fees (need to ASK them specifically for ALL other fees), how interest rates are calculated (drawn portion only or full loan amount), prepayment penalties, extensions, etc. Hope this helps, good luck! 

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