Tacoma handyman suggestions?

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Hi All,

On the verge of buying a SFH in Tacoma and looking for a handyman that will be able to follow-up on post-inspection to-do list. Will also be looking for someone to follow-up on routine maintenance issues. Can anyone suggest a handyman that we can get in touch with?


Dan Carl 

Hello Daniel- Okay so this is an older thread, but I noticed no else commented so maybe it helps. The handyman I have used and recommend to my clients is:

Jet Home Improvements

Roger Peterson

Tacoma, Washington

He is a good guy and does most of all the handy work. Lately I heard he is doing a lot of work for Real Estate Brokers. Which I guess is a good thing as it means he is recommended by more than just me. PM me if you want his contact info. Hope it helps.